Traditional Shoe Wax for Box Calf Leathers from France

  • Nourishes, Protects, and Softens
  • Approved Formula with Natural Waxes
  • Hight Gloss Effect
  • 100 ml

How we see it
Today you will find many types of shoe care products. Wax from a flat tin can is still the number one product though. Fancy creams cannot compete in our opinion. The Pate de Luxe Saphir Médaille d’Or is a long time favourite among French and British shoemakers of bespoke shoes. It contains an approved mixture of minerals and natural waxes like beewax and carnauba wax from palm leaves. The formula provides proper care and an excellent shine.

Pate de Luxe Saphir Médaille d’Or is a product from France. It has been developed in close collaboration with fine tanneries and shoemakers. Its claim to fame began in 1925, when it won a prestigious Gold Medal at an important trade fair in Paris.

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