SOLD OUT! Navy Blue Tagua Nut Buttons for Suits

  • Genuine Tagua Nut
  • Classic Shape & Sizes
  • Polished

How we see them
A fine suit needs fine buttons. They add a subdued touch of quality to the suit.

We have found navy blue buttons made from the tagua nut, also known as vegetable ivory and stone nut. The buttons are ideal for a navy blue bespoke suit.

Manufactured in Germany by a specialist in exclusive buttons.

Additional Information

Number of Large Buttons:

3 (+0 DKK), 4 (+14 DKK), 5 (+28 DKK)

Number of Small Buttons

8 (+0 DKK), 10 (+20 DKK), 12 (+40 DKK), 14 (+60 DKK), 16 (+80 DKK)

Code: 24.BL.0002.0711

From: 125 DKK

Approx. 16.81 €