Dusty Two-Hole Rose-Brown Horn Buttons for Sports Jackets

  • Genuine Buffalo Horn
  • Classic Shape & Sizes
  • Polished
  • Two Holes

How we see them
Fine sports jackets need fine buttons. They add a subdued touch of quality to the garment.

We have found some fancy, yet conservative dusty rose-brown buffalo horn buttons with two holes instead of four, perfect for a light-coloured bespoke tweed jacket or other sports jackets.

Made in Germany by a specialist in horn buttons.

Additional Information

Number of Large Buttons:

3 (+0 DKK), 4 (+14 DKK), 5 (+28 DKK)

Number of Small Buttons

8 (+0 DKK), 10 (+20 DKK), 12 (+40 DKK), 14 (+60 DKK), 16 (+80 DKK)

Code: 24.BL.0008.0711

From: 125 DKK

Approx. 16.81 €