Brown Umbrella from Francesco Maglia

  • Continuous Shaft of Hickory
  • Steam Bent Handle
  • Twill Woven Canopy
  • Brass Peak
  • Approx. 115 cm in Diameter when open

How we see it
It’s possible to pass through rain with style. You should wear double-sole welted shoes, a sturdy wool coat or gabardine mac, and a strong and beautiful umbrella that doesn’t give in to gust. Be aware, you’ll find several types of umbrellas. You need the very best, that is, the one with a solid stick of maple, a tonewood used for violins and other string instrument. It should also carry large canopy of old fashioned polyester twill cloth. Finally, details should be in place like a closure with a mother of pearl button, and a brass peak.

Few umbrella makers are left in Europe, and even fewer are dedicated to make umbrellas the slow, but good way like Francesco Maglia. The firm has made umbrellas since 1854. Everything is done in a workshop outside Milano. The polyester twill cloth comes from a silk mill in Como.

Care Note
Point the umbrella down as you open it. Don’t dry the umbrella leaving it up. That stresses the cloth. It’s better to hang it up almost closed but with the panels lightly pulled out. When rolling the umbrella, gently roll the panels round from the top down towards the tips.

Code: 03.GN.0003.0810

2.175 DKK

Approx. 292.54 €