About Grunwald

Torsten Grunwald

We are based in Copenhagen. The firm is run by Torsten Grunwald. Torsten is dedicated to raising the quality of dressing like a Michelin star chef wanting us to eat better food. He loves quotes like the one attributed to HRM Prince Charles during a visit to the venerable shoemaker John Lobb: “Quality always counts.”

Torsten has written several articles on style and timeless garments for Denmark’s leading financial newspaper Dagbladet Børsen and other medias like Weekendavisen, the leading cultural newspaper in Denmark. He is also the man behind the highly praised blog www.stiljournalen.dk, which he has now begun translating to English: www.the-journal-of-style.com.

Torsten has handpicked every single item that you find in the shop.

By the way, the dark blue logo that you will find in the upper left corner is based on a paper cut of Torsten’s great grandfather. It was realised in 1922 in Tivoli, Copenhagen. Wunderwerk, a design firm owned by Torsten’s sister, has turned the paper cut in to a logo for the webshop.